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“Not a minute too soon. We’re thrilled to have this as we navigate our teenager daughter through the next several years.”

“I wish my parents had this when I was going through my teenage years. I’m just glad my daughter can benefit from it now.”

“Dr. Morse , where were you ten years ago when my first child was going through his teen years? This program is terrific.”

-Joe Garret - Hedge Fund Manager Berkley, CA 94705


“Dr. Morse’s original and lively approach never talks down to teens; rather, he speaks to them in their own terms, in ways that meaningfully acknowledge the real-life situations and circumstances that can incubate stress to overwhelming proportions. Whether or not your teen has begun the downward spiral so many tens experience, it is my feeling that this program will help to give her the tools she needs to develop and thrive to her fullest potential.”

-Louis Sass,Ph.D. - Professor of Clinical Psychology, Rutgers University, Piscataway, NJ.

“Dr. Morse’s innovative program is a breakthrough in addressing perhaps a pivotal problem for adolescents today:  Stress is not only painful and difficult to deal with; it is also often leads to very destructive behaviors. Dr. Morse’s engaging, hip and teen-friendly approach will not only “come to the rescue” where problems are already escalating, but may well prevent serious problems before they start. It is clear that Dr. Morse really knows kids; he knows what troubles them, and he knows how to help. This program is a must for educators, and for anyone who cares about helping a teenager they know to cope with the myriad demands and stresses that face all teens in today’s complicated and challenging world. Get this program - your teen will thank you, and you will breathe a sigh of relief.”

-Shira Nayman, Psy.D., Clinical Psychologist and Principal, Stategic Frameworking, Inc.

Reduce Test Anxiety in Teens and Children

The complexion of our world's economy has changed dramatically over the past few years, and there has been a corresponding increase in pressure for kids and teens to succeed in school and meet these external pressures. The competition to get into college has increased, and greater care is needed in planning for the careers thereafter. It is no wonder that teens and their parents are more and more concerned about education and overcoming hurdles in order to get into a good college. Like it or not, getting good grades and good SAT / ACT scores is often a key factor in determining whether your teen gets into a good or mediocre school. While emotional success is a better measure of one's happiness in life, academic success still plays a major role in determining the nature of one's financial success and having one's basic needs for food and shelter met. Teen test anxiety disorder is a problem many teens have, and it acts as a barrier to their achieving their potential in life. Helping your teen overcome test anxiety can go a long way in helping them succeed academically and in life.

What is Teen Test Anxiety?

Test anxiety is a condition that occurs when a child experiences discomfort, tension or increased concern in response to a situation in which they will be tested. It is situational, with kids having extreme anxiety surrounding test taking, while being free of stress in other areas of their lives. Physical symptoms of this disorder include stomach aches or butterflies, muscle tension or skeletal pain, and sweaty palms. Emotional symptoms include low frustration tolerance, excessive worry and fear. Kids who report test anxiety disorder have more negative thoughts during tests and self-critical comments like "I'm going to fail" or "I'm really stupid."

Test anxiety disorder diminishes attention and concentration, it and disrupts decision making at a time when it's most needed. Low levels of anxiety are helpful because they motivate one to study and prepare. But when they become excessive, it causes worry, fear and clouds one's capacity to think clearly and perform to one's potential.

What are some techniques to overcome or reduce teen test anxiety?

  • Preparation and Practice - Planning to study a little each day instead of waiting until the last moment before the exam can help reduce stress. Becoming familiar with the material and possible test items and questions can help create self confidence prior to the exam.

  • Building a Strength Based Attitude - Positive Thinking as a substitute for negative and self-critical thinking can be practices as a means to reduce stress at its early stages.

  • Learning Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction - Learning to take a series of five deep breaths as a way of calming the body and mind at the first signs of stress can go long way of reducing teen test anxiety disorder and enhancing performance.

What parents can do to help their child with his or her test anxiety?

Just telling your teen not to worry or be anxious before an exam will have little benefit. Parents can help when they can encourage their teens to find ways of relaxing, calming down, building self-confidence and promoting a positive attitude toward test taking. Helping your child with time management so that they prepare ahead of time rather than waiting until the last minute to study will reduce teen anxiety over the exam. Encouraging your child to get proper sleep and be well rested before the exam can further help reduce stress and promote performance. For High School students, SAT prep courses can help reduce anxiety and increase exam scores through repeated exposure to the exam questions, format, and test-taking strategies. The Kick Out Stress Program teaches kids the basic skills in stress reduction by using five, easy-to-learn methods and applying them to stressful situations, including exams. Kids who gain the capacity to calm themselves before and during tests perform better on the exams and reach higher scores than those who do not learn these skills. The Kick Out Stress Program helps teens succeed against this anxiety disorder. Finally, parents who feel they have done their best to help their kids will be less prone to have their stress spill over and negatively affect their teen's performance.


Dr. Philip Morse

Clinical Psychologist and founder of the Mind Body Workshops LLC



The Kick-Out-Stress program is a solution you can 'send home' to the teen children of your patients.



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